The Office and a Major Award

Okay. First things first.

I won a Major Award! I think it may be our shared secretive geekiness, but Bub at I'd Like To Hold a Tarantula (who, BTW, cracks me up) awarded me this.


There are some rules involved in my acceptance of this Major Award, which I fully intend to follow, but I have to share the Office NOW! Thus, I will devote my next post to my Major Award. (also allowing me to discuss my Major Award again.)

For today, on to the OFFICE!

Remember, we had unfinished basement that became this.

And now THIS!

and THIS!

and THIS!

and THIS!

After we replace Ryan's chair in the Family Room, his chair will move to the Guest Room and replace a Wing Back Chair, which will fill this corner along with a side table. But, that will have to wait.

We also made this

There were four separate metal squares from Old Time Pottery - $4.99 each. I brought them home and Ryan riveted them together. I couldn't find any cute magnets, so made these out of magnet tape and doodads I had around. It works great, and I really like it!

And now, instead of looking at a furnace, I get to look at this!

Much nicer.

Ryan finished tiling and grouting the hall extension today, so we can call the carpet guy to finish all that up. Then we just need to hang doors and trim and get a few more accessories for the office and then this project will be complete.

It's so nice to have the office clean and functional. oh....and I do still need to organize....well, it might happen - right?

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  1. Visiting you by way of BNOP. Nice office renovation! Like the creative magnetic board! Hope you are enjoying the new space!

  2. Gorgeous, Melissa! Can't wait to see it in person in a few weeks!!

  3. Your office looks great!! Love the wall colour and the big wood desk. You magnet board and magnets are really creative :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. What a great new space!
    Wonderful job! Magnet board is a neat idea!
    Dee Dee

  5. What a lovely office! Great job!

  6. What a great office you have. I'm totally jealous. Your new magnetic board is gorgeous. What a fabulous idea!!!