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My seven things.

1. As great as I think I am, as I start to write this I am realizing I may not be my most favorite topic. I'm kind of boring.

2. I like puzzles of all kinds: crossword, sudoku, ken-ken, jigsaw. I especially like substitution cyphers - like the cryptoquip in the Kansas City Star.

3. We have three cats, a dog, two hamsters and a fish. Trooper, our oldest cat is 17. We got him from underneath a real cat lady's porch. He's the best cat in the world, but he's getting old.

He will go into our bedroom, stand in the corner and meow at the wall. It cracks me up, but then I feel bad about it. But I still keep laughing at him. sweet guy.

He's the reason why we got the other two cats, Sonic and Sugar. Because he is such a great cat.

The fish, Angel, is a gold fish and is officially Harper's, but I clean the bowl. Angel is going on 2 years old. For a gold fish in our house, that's like living to be 108.

4. I love plants. I like to read about them and pronounce their names like Martha Stewart does. CLEH-ma-tis and PEE-uh-nee, rather than cle-MAH-tis and pee-OH-nee. I do draw the line at pronouncing Herb with the H sound.

I like digging in the dirt, walking through the yard and checking on my plants. But I don't like to pay for plants. When I pay for them, they die. When I get free ones, they do great. My mom doesn't like to garden, but my grandmother does.

5. My grandmother and my mom rock. My mom's just plain awesome. In so many ways.

My grandmother, Gran-Gran, will be 85 in January. She lives in a small town in Arkansas. She has her own home and still takes care of her yard. I love to hear her talk. I used to spend several weeks in the summer with Gran Gran and PaPa. They lived on top of a mountain.

For real.

They'd just let me go and I would roam the hills all day.

And my dad's mom, Granny, lived in a REALLY small town in Arkansas and would give me the soda bottles to return for the deposits to this old store for candy. She didn't have running water. So we had to carrythe water in pails and use an outhouse. And this was in the late '70s/early '80s.

6. I like to data mine. I love, love, love doing SQL queries and writing reports with Crystal to pull data out of tables. It's one of the things I get to do for my job.

I work for a group of Emergency Room Physicians. And they are awesome. It's amazing to sit in a meeting with them and they are discussing how they saved someone's life the night before. And not bragging about it or anything, just talkin' about how their shift went.

They are really, really, really good people.

7. Seven is my lucky number. And I'm a bit superstitious. I hate chain letters and stuff, and I read my horoscope.

I'm also claustrophic. Oh my gosh! A few summers ago we went to the Lake for a week and went to Aunt Angie's Haunted Hotel.

Not really scary, BUT, they turn out the lights and you have to make your way through this place in the DARK! All they give you is this little flash light with copious amounts of red duct tape over the light. Believe me, you cannot get the duct tape off.

Even with your teeth.

gross, I know, but I was desperate.

Me, Ry, Harper and Tanner.

Tanner was fine, Harper was scared and I was a wreck. Ryan would have been fine, except for Harper and me hanging on to him, panting and crying to get us out. We spent like 20 bucks to RUN through this pitch black place in about 5 minutes. AND! they locked us in. The gal that took our money was also working the old timey photo shop across the street.

Hah! Now that I started, I think I could go on all day. Only seven things, really? Maybe I'll re-award this to myself. Oh - that's one more thing....I think I'm really funny.

And, Bub, thanks, again. this was actually fun! For me!


  1. thanks so much for sharing this with me! I loved reading your 7 facts about yourself. the haunted house thing would've scared the crap out of me really!

  2. Oh now I have to check out staying in a haunted B&B someday, that sounds awesome! (But I love that stuff). I liked seeing your pronouciations of plants, we pronounce them that way already, so I'm thinking it's an East Coast thing? I was surfing earlier and found some haunted B&B down in the Louisiana Swamps... wonder if hubby would like it?!!! haha, nice reading more about you!

  3. Thanks! Good to know about the east coast pronouncing...that makes sense! And LOL! Aunt Angie's haunted hotel is sooooo not a B&B. For starters, it's in the OZARKS. It's on the old strip by Bagnall Dam and is the first floor of a building you walk through as an "amusement." I really wish you could see it! A haunted B&B? I dunno if I could do that. I have a friend that stayed in some in Savannah, though. She LOVED it!

  4. Any photos of you trying to remove the duct tape with your teeth?! Heh.

  5. Bub, it was pitch black! But, how you are imagining it - in it's worse form - that's EXACTLY what I am sure that it looked like.