Extensions and Breaking Down Walls

Since Ryan is finishing an Office downstairs (YAY!), we decided to also extend the hall on the other side of the basement. Someday down the road there will be a bedroom off that hall. It made sense to get it completed now since we were cutting into the wall for the office. After the hall extension and the office are done, any future dirty, dusty, drywalling projects will be behind closed doors.

Plus, Ryan really wanted a place for his Dartboard.

This is looking down the hall into the unfinished area, which will one day be a Bedroom to the Left and remain Unfinished for the Workshop to the Right.

This is where Ryan started the framing of the Hall Extension. He hasn't torn down the original door yet.

This is inside the Unfinished area where the Workshop is and where the Bedroom will be someday. These are the studs that are forming the end of the hall pictured above. The door closest to you is the door that was on the Right and will be the door to the workshop - opposite, will be the door to the future bedroom, and is the door that was on the Left. When we get around to finishing the space, we will build a wall to separate the two areas.

And here is the new extended hall.

* The first door on your left is new. Ryan cut the doorway and finished the unused area underneath the staircase for new CLAIMED storage.
* The next door to your left will someday go to the Bedroom.
* The first door on your right, where Sonic the Cat is, goes to the bathroom.
* And the Second door on your left goes to the workshop.
* The dartboard will hang proudly at the end of this hall.

Seeing these kinds of projects blows my mind. It makes me realize that you can really do ANYTHING when it comes to redoing and remodeling. We aren't limited by the walls that are around us.

And check this out.

In those first few pictures, where you can see the exterior wall all covered in plastic and insulation. I stood with my back against that wall and took this picture into the Family Room.

In this picture, I am standing in the EXACT same spot, facing the backside of the end of the new hall! CRAZY!

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  1. This is going to be great. You must be so psyched to gain this space and to start thinking about those future spaces you will acquire. Nicely done.

  2. you have so much room! totallly jel.

  3. Oh crazy it is,you must have the patience of a saint as much as i would like the work done i can only stand so much mess i think you deserv a medal it will look great when it is all done.

    Hugs Pat

  4. I wish your blog had been around BEFORE I had to go through a remodel. What a great way to share and record all the work and changes! I'm looking forward to following the progress.

    Sabrina (Schtuff at Home)

  5. Projects like this be so stressful and so worth it all at the same time. Your gained space will be fabulous.


  6. So happy for you. It will be great to finally get into a real office. I think you have been moved to every unfinished place in the basement, so it is time.

  7. So, what your saying is that my new downstairs master suite wont be done by the time we come?
    Ok, I'll wait till next trip. lol

    Things are looking awesome! Can't wait to see it!