Shower Time!

The Office is getting so close; I might cry. (of happy excitedness!)

So! Back to a what I consider a remodel success - the Master Bath.

Funny. RD and I spent a part of the evening discussing the merits and drawbacks of the daily shower with our kids. Is it my unconscious inspiring this post?

While I plan on letting the photos drive the story--I must remind, the shower had one glass block wall, which had not been properly sealed, causing rust of the corners and inside the block. There were also two doors - like a car wash. You could enter dirty on one side and exit clean on the other. Sweet!

That was the before and afters. This is the new niche Ryan built into the formerly glass-block wall. For blog-sake, I tried a picture without all of our crap, but was so happy with how the "Crap"-one still looks good, decided to go with it. (And we're about honesty, right?)

That travertine FRAME around the edge? Isn't that fantastic? Regular price? $29.99 for a 9-inch section. I am not kidding. Found it CLEARANCED for $5.99. I've said it before and will say it again...It's important to be flexible when remodeling.

Another thing. Don't be afraid to mix items. While we chose some high end finishes for the bathroom, the main tile in the shower is a middle-priced porcelein. But, we chose to install it in the brick battern and then apply the vertical border on top with the inlays for more interest.

And we did use the more expensive diamond travertine on the floor, in the niche and on the bench, but those are 'impact' areas.

The black accent tile was very inexpensive, but gave us exactly the contrast and tie-in to the granite we used on the floor of the bathroom proper. And then that fabulous travertine trim! We used it in the shower as a trim on top of all the tile, as a frame around the niche, and also as an accent around the tub surround.

And, no longer in the shower, but I love the beautiful mosaic polished Crema Marfil...that was a job of it's own! More on it later.

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  1. I love the new MB, I don't think the pictures can do it justice, the tile in the shower is beautiful. PS love the car wash line....

  2. Stopping by from NFF..It looks great! I LOVE that tile on the wall! Wow!

  3. Wow! Your MB looks FABULOUS!!! Love your tile choices!
    did you really have to lose the car wash feel though? whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! : )
    happy friday