Master Bath Remodel

It's hard to know where to begin on the Master Bath. By and large it was the ickiest room in the entire house (after the cleaning -- in fact, our daughter's bedroom wins ickiest BEFORE cleaning...shudder...).

First, it had carpet, which was just gross.

Second, it had wallpaper under two layers of paint, which had never been sealed properly. The most recent coat was a burgundy shade and when the room got steamy, the paint ran. It was like the walls were bleeding.

Third, there's a great jacuzzi tub, which was tiled with black 4x4 tile and a burgundy accent - that with the Grecian columns gave it a '70s porn vibe.

Fourth, the glass block shower had never been sealed properly, thus water had gotten between the tiles and caused the metal outsider corners to rust: leaving rust stains inside the glass block and rusting out the lower corners of the walls on either side of the glass block wall.

Fifth, the counter tops were those precast counter tops and sinks and were in a lovely shade of light pink.

And last, there were lots and lots of mirrors in which to admire everything.

We ripped out the entire shower and rebuilt it, took down all the mirrors, took out all the tile around the tub (but ended up leaving the black tile on the tub deck), took up the carpet and replaced it with tile, left the original cabinets, but got new counter tops, sinks and hardware, had some cabinetry built for above the cabinets and on the tub front, framed new mirrors, hung new lights, added sconces and I think that's it. We were going for a warmer, cleaner, fancy hotel feel.

Here's the before, and I must say that this picture makes the bathroom look FANTASTICALLY better than it did in real life.

This is the After:

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I remember what it looked like before and the pictures of the after just don't do it justice. Beautiful.