Kitchen Remodel - Demolition

While Ryan and I like our projects, the kitchen was almost a total PSE (Pay Somebody Else). We did decide to save some money and do the demolition ourselves. We also planned to reuse the cabinets in Ryan's workshop downstairs and wanted to save as many cabs as possible.

It was much easier than we thought, and we did learn a few things. First, start with the bottom cabinets. When new cabinets are installed, they do the tops first so they can get closer to the wall and get underneath for leverage. It makes sense, but I don't know if we would have come up with that on our own. Luckily, our cabinet guys gave us the tip before we started.

Second, make sure all of your faucets have shut off valves. We got to the sink and, lo and behold, no shut off valves. Ryan made a quick trip to the hardware store and was able to install what we needed to continue the project.

Third, make plans for all of your crap. We didn't do this and ended up moving stuff more than once.

And last, be prepared for the disgusting crud you will find under and behind the cabinets. uhg.

We started with the island

And then continued to move around the kitchen until all was gone.

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  1. don't lie, you know part of you misses that red tile back splash!