Wildflower walk with Tippii

Taking a break to get outside.

Getting back into the school routine. Some mornings I take Harper to school and then go to a local park to walk Tippii.

Note: Harper was 11 when she chose the spelling of Tippii: pronounced Tippy. I think that says it all.

It was a beautiful morning. And there are so many lovely things growing and blooming right now. Got all these pics with my iphone.

These are some grasses that are part of the landscaping the city did around the shelter house and playground.

Danger! Poison ivy on Thorny Locust

Thimbleweed, maybe? Kind of like a coneflower?

Flannel Plant - Early settlers used the soft basal leaves for diapers. Not going to tell you what the Native Americans used it for. I don't want you getting any ideas!

Queen Anne's Lace. I love the look of this, but only in these kinds of settings. VERY invasive.

Looks like morning glory or Bind weed? But not tall or viney at all?

Crown Vetch

American Feverfew or Wild Quinine

No idea - kind of aster like?

Not sure. It's a bush that gets the black/purple grapelike clusters on it?

some kind of sunflower? Sawtooth, maybe?

Tall or Bull Thistle - A Goldfinch favorite

Birds-foot trefoil

This spidey was working in the back yard when we got home. Thanks, fella!

And as I was going through iphone pics, I found this one from the airplane when we were flying home from Phoenix a few weeks ago. Threw it in because I think it's pretty.

Have a great day!


  1. I don't like landscaping. but the dog is cute and the cloud picture is very cool

  2. I love walks like these with the puppies. Gives you little peace to get through the week.