The Master Bathroom Tub

Ahhh...the Master Bath. For today, let's focus on the tub.

Just a reminder that our home was not built in 1983 and Joan Collins did not live here.
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It was, in fact, built in 1997.

And other than pointing out that the gold fixtures have greenish/brownish discolored spots, the grout was stained, and the plastic blind over the tub was yellowing--I can't really add any more words to describe how ugly this area really was.

Our original plan was to tear out the tile on the tub deck and replace it with a solid granite, but as we dug into it, we were reminded again that while whoever 'designed' the space did a lot wrong, whoever built the house did everything right. The tiles were all set in a solid bed of concrete; pulling them up would have probably damaged the tub and been a a more difficult task then we (okay...RYAN) were willing to undertake. Thus, BLACK became our accent color. (When remodeling, I cannot stress the importance of FLEXIBILITY!)

We also discovered that they make grout paint, which is durable and pretty easy to use, (I did that part!) and by painting the grout lines black, it hinted toward the seamless look we were after.

BTW and FYI - My mom had suggested that I try a Black Sharpie marker to color the grout. I tried it. It totally didn't work. Get the Grout Paint.


  1. It looks great now ,what a transformation. A car boot is where people meet usualy in a field or car park or any large space realy and usualy at the weekend and very early in the morning and they sell unwanted items or clothing or anything else really you name it and it is probably there ,a bit like a garage sale you just need a car to get there and sell.

    Hugs Pat

  2. Hey, your master tub area looks great. Changing the backsplash/wall tile and keeping the deck tile and painting the grout made a huge difference... seriously good choices. I love your new faucet.. I think I chose the same for my master tub area. Is it Moen?

  3. I forgot to add I am a huge sconce fan... another nice choice.

  4. That is one good lookin' transformation!

  5. Lori: It is indeed Moen. And I love that we added the spray handle. It makes it so much easier to clean the tub.