A Day to Reconnect, or We Finally did something while the kids are away

The kids have been gone for nearly a week. The first few nights, we were total losers. We were the DUH in Dull. We would eat dinner together and then go our separate ways. Me to the Hearth Room, watching the likes of Top Chef D.C. and Ry to the Family Room watching crap like Hostel II. Then off to bed early to go to sleep. Zzzzzzzz......

Saturday, however, we mixed things up! Ryan had to do actual work-work in the morning, but was able to complete it from home. When he was done we took our Recycling up to the Recycling Center and then headed down to our fabulous City Market to shop for dinner and be the metro-cool couple we once were.

The Market was packed...more so than usual due to the Toyota Farm to Table Tour taking place. It's a great concept. We purchased fresh, and locally grown peppers and onions for Steak Fajitas, which we cooked that night. We also got fabulous peaches, which are destined to become a Peach Pie or Cobbler. (I have been craving peaches since The Big Shamu posted about peaches and pies here and here.) We also got some fresh tomatoes, which are fantastic and will become tomato soup tonight. In that soup will float slices of baguette from Bloom and poached fresh farm eggs from la ferme du bonheur.

In keeping with our "farm to table" theme, we lunched at The Farmhouse, which was great. Sitting outside on the patio, we enjoyed quiche and omelettes and fabulous service.

A stop in at Planters, one of my FAVORITE gardening stores, was fun and smelled great. A stroll down the pedestrian bridge to the Missouri River, which is part of the Missouri Riverfront Heritage Trail, was very cool and educational, with excellent views of the river and the Broadway Bridge (here) and the Heart of America Bridge (turn your head down river). And we even had time to hit the first two floors of the River Market Antique Mall.

Back to the car and our sustainability excursion ends, but not our metro-coolness or our 'localivity' as we hit Grinder's for some brews.

However, this is where our tale takes a woeful turn. In the BK days, we would have remained at Grinder's until the wee hours. But, as our slow and spattered and increasingly boring (even to us) conversation was continually interrupted by Ryan's yawns, we made the decision to head back to the sleepy suburb we call home. Once there, we would eat dinner together and then go our separate ways. Then off to bed early to go to sleep. Zzzzzz....


  1. Ah, the joys of marriage lol. Still, sounds like a good time and if by going your separate ways means not having to watch Hostel II, I say it's a good thing!
    Harper is an absolute pleasure. We shopped all day today. Photos posting soon on my blog!

  2. *whaaaa* I so wanna go to The City Market!

    Really makes me wish we had a good market in our city.