Master Bathroom countertops

The Master Bath Counter Tops BEFORE.

(read with sarcasm) They went GREAT with the burgundy paint and black tile.

We went with Crema Marfil Marble on both sink counter tops. I do get concerned that I will stain it or forget it's wimpiness and use Ajax on it some day OR my mom will decide she can no longer stand the Jungle Dirt of my home and scrub them to the point of erosion with an abrasive cleaner. But I really like it.

And we went with Baltic Brown Granite on the vanity turned Morning-Kitchen, but it's not done yet!


  1. Love it! Your vanity looks beautiful! I'm always in love with Crema Marfil marble.
    Keep a can of Rock Doctor or Method Granite Cleaner under your sink and you won't forget and clean it with the wrong thing.
    Embrace the etching and try not to freak out too much the first time something etches the top. (I freaked out a little the first time my limestone etched even though I TOTALLY knew it was inevitable).