Entry Foyer Light

We started with a VERY long list of projects for the house. One project that was NOT included was replacing the entry light in the foyer. But, as fate would have it, as we were at Rensen House shopping for a bathroom light fixture for the Family Room Bath remodel, we happened upon a beautiful light fixture that had been marked down from $1200 to $235. What a deal! And I do love a good deal!

After talking with the sales guy, we also knew that an electrician to install the light on our 18 foot ceiling would be a MINIMUM of $225. My good deal wasn't quite as good. We went home to think about it.

Turns out, as we took our evening walks around the neighborhood, we had both been secretly jealous of a home, similar to ours, with a beautiful light in their entry.

AND, Ryan decides that with the proper equipment, we can install the thing ourselves. Thus, we decide to go for it.

The next day we go back to the store, and the only light left was the display, which was ALREADY PUT TOGETHER. Yay for us! After getting it home, Ryan rents a very tall step ladder

from Home Depot for $17, and we install the light within the hour.

Only one hitch, as Ryan prepared to install the decorative plate that hides the hole in the ceiling, he realized it was positioned on the wrong side of a rather large hook, thus it would not go flush to the ceiling. He told me to scurry (!?!) up the ladder and hang onto the light for dear life, as he unattached it from its secure mounting and reworked the plate. It took him nearly 20 minutes to do this as I shook and moaned. (He claims it took less than 3 minutes, but this is my story). And it worked out great!

Entry Light in Foyer Before and After

Whatcha think? Should we have left the old light and saved the $$ for another project or a night on the town?


  1. What a beautiful entry... I think you made a good choice. Your previous fixture is pretty, but your new fixture has so much more presence and in my estimation, a much better fit scale-wise. Is your stair rails enameled wood ? It looks like you have a curved staircase... nice.

  2. Thanks! I think you are exactly right about it fitting better scale-wise. The railes are white enameled, and I am not in love with them in the slightest. And the cost to change them out would just be insane (they go to the basement, upstairs, and across a two-sided cat walk!) I keep toying with ideas, but nothing sticks....