Two doorways to LR

A wall separates the Living Room from the Hearth Room, and when we got the house there were two side-by-side openings in that wall. We knew right away that we wanted one of the openings to go away.

Ryan pulled off the trim and built a wall to fill in one of the openings. Pete came along and did the mudding and taping, and then we painted and put the floor trim back up.

The kids can be watching cartoons in the Hearth Room, while Ryan and I read the paper on Saturday mornings in the Living Room. We also wanted to create an Interior View when entering the house based upon what Sarah Susanka discusses in her book "Home by Design"-- "...revealing part but not all of what's present in the house, so that the imagination is stimulated."

From the Heath Room - Before and After

From the Entry Before and After

From the Living Room - Before and After


  1. SO odd that they had two doorways like that in the first place. I LOVE that you closed the one side. Looks so much better.
    BTW, went to the movies with Harper yesterday!

  2. Great idea to close one of the openings...more pleasing to the eye and you get more wall space.

  3. I am hoping that someday, I will be able to find a home like this. Beautiful and clean.