Family Room Bath Remodel

In the basement was a half bath, in which we wanted to add a shower, and we had unfinished area behind where the toilet and sink used to be, which was part of Ryan's workshop. We plan, some day, to put in a 5th bedroom down there and since it's right by Ry's workshop, when he come in all dirty from working in the yard, he can shower downstairs.

Of course, Pete did the mud and taping of the drywall.

The plumber moved the lines for the sink, added lines for the shower, jack hammered up the floor to add the drain for the shower, replaced some stuff for the toilet, supplied and set the shower basin, supplied the shower fixtures, repoured the floor he had jackhammered up, and I think that's it. We did everything else.


  1. Oh l do envy you with a big house and lots of rooms ,l would love bigger rooms and more of them ours are not big enough to swing a cat in. Again a great job well done.

    Hugs Pat

  2. LOVE the way this turned out! Ryan was just starting to tile last time we were there. "OUR" bathroom looks wonderful!