Harper's Room

Our poor house. She was in a very shabby state when we got her. She had not been loved and well cared for. But even with the shoddy paint jobs, poorly patched holes, bleeding walls, marker-covered cabinets, stained and torn linoleum and general level of filth, the worst room was Harper's. This is NOT a true before.

While you can't really see the stains on the walls, which we think were caused by chewing tobacco spitting (I hope!), you CAN see some of the stains on the carpet, which appear to be caused by poo (I hope not!) but what I failed to capture was a photo of the room BEFORE we cleared it out, which included

1. an unmade bed under the window
2. an endtable from the '70s with gold plastic trim on it
3. a cooler, about 1/3 full of thick brown water
4. a few piles of clothing
5. some old trophies, wire hangers and general odds and ends in the closet
6. a trash can, about half full
But the weirdest thing, to the right is where the Bathroom vanity is and underneath the sink were empty beer bottles and Bacardi bottles lined up neatly, like they are lined up at the Liquor store.

An OCD Alcoholic? Very, Very, Very odd. Kinda Scary Odd. Change the locks on the doors before you move in Odd.

Anyhow...MUCH cleaning and painting later, and this is Harper's room now. She did all the decorating and color choosing herself. Fabulous job!

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  1. Oh so much nicer,she has done a fantastic job well done. This house must of realy touched your heart to of put up with all that mess,sounds like you are bringing it back to life with some TLC.

    Hugs Pat