Walk this way

While we've shared some tales of the disaster that was inside the home, you haven't heard a lot about the outside. Ryan literally shed a tear for the grass struggling to survive the weeds after years of neglect. (But he also relished the challenge to bring it around!)

And the landscaping?! HAH! What wasn't already dead was overgrown and covered with poison ivy.

One of the outdoor projects we did right away was putting in a sidewalk from the front of the house to the back. It's great when working on projects or for wheeling supplies to the back and camping gear to the front.

And we had a bit of a curve put in it to make it feel less sidwalk-y and more path-y. AND it made a great edge for the foundation landscaping. But you don't see a lot of Side Yard - Side Walks. Why do you think that is?


  1. Very Nice! I wish I had more shade in my yard..

  2. I love the curvy path of your sidewalk. We did the same with our sidewalk going up to our front door... so much more interesting.