Thank you, Master

Still waiting on that KVM extender.

In the meantime, can we visit the Master Bedroom? We haven't done a lot in here, but it's one of my favorite rooms in the whole house.

First, you get to it by going through it's own little hallway.

Here's a closer look. Renee at Modus Operandi Designs, who just happens to be my SIL, has suggested we frame this massive built-in mirror. Love the idea and have put it on the to-do list. The arrangement and the table both came from Cameron's. One of my favorite stores in the world.

Ryan replaced the original light with this one, which matches our Dining Room fixture and is on a dimmer switch. SEXY! (BTW, the old light -- we thought it was frosted glass. It wasn't. Just years and years of dust on it.)

Turn to the left and you go into the Master Bathroom. I've shown LOTS of pictures of the Master Bath. here and here and here and here . (Sadly, I am not done with that room yet!)

Turn to the right, and that's where the MAGIC happens!

You know it!

His and Hers Closets!

I am on the left and Ryan on the right. My mom says the double closet situation will save our marriage and add 20 years to Ryan's life (I'm a wee bit of a slob.)

Once in the Bedroom, you see this to the right side. The bookcase also came from Cameron's, and is filled with many of my favorite things. We just got the bedspread on sale at JC Penney, and one day will replace the nightstands and headboard.

And you see this to the middle-left-ish. I LOVE this part. Chairs, ottoman, pillows, table and the mirror that you can barely see due to the picture being so dark - all from Cameron's. The pillows and ottoman were in the "Clearance Cove." SWEET DEALS! My mom made the curtains - more on those later! The cats belong to the children: Sugar on the left belongs to Harper and Sonic on the right belongs to Tanner.

There's also a fireplace and a rather largish TV to the left of the chairs. The picture was super blurry, and I'm too lazy to take another right now. Plus the fireplace REALLY deserves a post all it's own (and in this case, that's not a good thing!)

Last - help me out here. See this hole over the bed? REALLY don't know what to do with it. Is it cool or like a college dorm room? Is it OKAY to have the headboard covering up the bottom? I suck at accessorizing. What to do with it?

And THAT concludes the tour!


  1. I am lovin' that bookcase from Camerons!

    And your mom is so right about his and hers closets! :)

  2. Love the new bedspread! Very pretty!
    My favorite part of your room is those windows (soooo jealous of your tree house view).

  3. What a master suite! LOVE the large windows. You have done a wonderful job.


    P.S. Really like all the pieces you got from Cameron's... where is the store?

  4. thanks! Cameron's is in downtown Lee Summit. It's a great area. Lots of really cute shops and restaurants.

  5. And another great thing about Cameron's. If you are having problems with a space, you can take in or email Amy a picture and she will get items/suggestions for you. They will also make custom swags for your door or wherever. And they have fun special events, too.