Peer Pressure and Plumbing Fixtures

The hardware on the doors throughout our house is brushed nickel. When we redid the Master Bath, we were planning on buying pulls and plumbing fixtures with that same finish. When the time came to make the purchases, we changed our minds. Our cabinet guy was all relieved and said, "Thank goodness, you have decided to go with oil-rubbed bronze!"

Ummm, NO! Not ORB! We had decided to go with the shiniest silver finish we could find.

He was shocked and blown away and made it obvious he thought we were going in the wrong direction. We did trust his opinion and had some fears the shiny might look cheap, and although the fixtures we wanted were cheaper in the silver than the ORB, those suckers weren't cheap. We went back and forth and back and forth questioning our decison and finally went with our gut.

We were shooting for that high-end hotel suite feel...lots of clean and shiny surfaces, and I really think the silver finishes helped pull that together. And the best part?! They were literally 1/3 of the cost of the ORB!

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