Dear Deer, I hate you! ****UPDATED****

UPDATE****** Heuchera must be removed from the safe list. Son of a Bitch!

I know this to be a FACT. Deer eat the following plants in Missouri.

Hosta, impatients, Eunonymous, privet, roses, lily, iris, strawberries, YUCCA!, aster, pine, solomon's seal, black-eyed susan, liriope, hollyhock, spiderwort, cedar, yew, lilac, maple, crocus, hyacinth, scilla, grape hyacinth, tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkin vines (don't know about actual pumpkins, since they ate all the blossoms and vines before the pumpkins could grow), tropical hibiscus, forsythia, rose of sharon, carnations, dianthus, cannas, willow, geraniums, coneflower.

To date SAFE plants: columbine, daffodils, heuchera, peonies, hardy hibiscus, poppies, baptisia, spirea, barberry, crossandra, bittersweet, cleome, yarrow, chives

My hollyhock at the edge of the yard that the deer ate:

My hollyhock next to the house near the front that the deer did not eat. (yet!)



  1. Thank you for your kind comment it is nice to know somebody is listening out there.