IR Repeaters - Keeping the components hidden

When we built the bar/entertainment cabinet in the Hearth Room, we wanted to hide the components, but we didn't want to use fabric in the cabinetry. The answer, an IR Repeater. Cost: around $100.

I was concerned because we had tried an el-cheapo version in the bedroom and the delay was so long it was painful. Ryan promised me this one would be better, and, yet again, he was right!

The components all go inside the cabinet.

Next, Ryan DRILLS A HOLE in our brand-new, custom-made, not-cheap cabinetry. He then installs the All-Seeing Eye This is where it gets technical.

Our son comes along and hooks up the ends of all these sticky wires to the blinky part of each component where the signal from the remote goes.

We shut the cabinet door. It works like a dream.
Not a component in site and ZERO delay!

AND I get another Harmony remote for this set up. SWOON!


  1. I love that Tanner is your own personal tech and Ryan was able to make good on his promise and YOU got some harmony!

  2. I love the technical part, thx!!