Kitchen Remodel - where to put the cooktop?

When we started talking about remodeling the kitchen , we first discussed keeping the cabinets and refacing them. That would mean saving a lot of cash, which I really like, but would also mean keeping all the appliances in the same place, which I really didn't like. One of the biggies for me was that the cook top was on the center island.

I tried using the cook top a lot to make sure I wanted to move it, and wouldn't be pissed off at myself later when I realized it had been in the perfect spot to begin with.

What I liked about it in the island was 1. It made the work triangle really nice, everything was well within the recommended distance 2. When cooking things that require a lot of constant attention and/or stirring, it was nice to be there able to watch TV or chat with folks.

What I didn't like was 1. In this island, there was simply not enough space. With only 9 inches on each side of the cook top, I didn't have the space for my big pan lids and multiple ingredients - also limited cabinet space here for oils and spices. 2. Again, the size (it DOES matter!) - with the cook top taking up the space on the island, we felt like we were missing out on a great serving spot. 3. That stupid bump up - it was a half circle and was ugly and inefficient. and 4. Did you notice that gray trivet thingy on the right side of the island? That was permanently adhered to the counter top. THUS, we decided to move the cook top to the perimeter and replaced the center island with one that was longer and skinnier.

(I tried to stand in the same spot when taking the photo so you can appreciate the change in size.)
Being skinnier makes it so much easier to get around (hah! just like when I'm skinner!) - especially when I'm cooking and the kids are getting in the fridge to spoil their dinner. The angled-out end works great and fits well with the angled-in cabinet on the opposite side where the big sink is.

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