DIY Fabric Headboard


We loved our headboard.  But in our Master Bedroom is this weird niche in the wall, and it just seemed awkward and weird.  It was time for a new mattress, so we decided to move this bed to the guest room and get something new that was lower than the bottom trim on the niche.


Once that proved impossible, we tried the bed without a headboard.

No headboard

That was a little too dorm room for me, so we decided to make a headboard out of fabric. 

DIY Fabric Headboard

It’s a subtle difference, but a very important one, and now the hole makes more sense.

We got fabric, 2 inch dense foam and batting from Joann.  All on sale.  We had talked about tufting the piece, but because it would be covered up, didn’t want to go to the trouble.  We wound up finding this great fabric that has a tufted look.


First, we laid out the fabric and foam and then cut the fabric roughly 5 inches bigger than the foam.


Next we cut out the batting to the same size as the fabric


Then, we got a plywood board from Lowe’s (around $7) and cut it the same size as the foam. 


Next, we used spray adhesive to attach the foam to the board and then layered it up.  Fabric, batting, foam and board. And then stapled everything together: just like recovering a seat cushion.


The finished product.

Finished Fabric Headboard

Then, using Flush Mounts, we hung the headboard on the wall, making sure it was level.

Flush Mounts

The entire project cost about $75 and took about 3  hours from start to finish. It looks and feels great. I would do this project again and do it on a larger scale if there wasn’t a big hole over my bed.


  1. Great job on the upholstered headboard. I love that you made sure all the little "tuft-look" things are all lined up. Way to make lemonade out of lemons!
    :) CAS

  2. That looks lovely! I wish I could do that. Not 2 left feet, 2 left hands...2 left feet as well actually.. :o)

  3. The diy fabric headboard is shared on the post here. Know all about it