Laundry Room Redo


We finished redoing the Laundry Room!

Laundry Room Redo

This is the before.  What you can’t see here is the blue countertop, the scratched up sink, the damaged walls or the stained, peeling, disgusting linoleum floors.  You also can’t see inside the cabinet where previous homeowners scrawled



BANK OF AMERICA 800-468-5000 #1850-68775499

in Black Sharpie marker. No kidding.

It was amazing to me what the simple addition of the molding on the cabinets made.

Blog uncompressed 062

There was this wasted space between the door to the room and the washing machine—like a closet with no door.  There was a clothes rod that hung on the bottom portion of the white framing below.  (I failed to get a before picture)  We use the rod for drying clothes, and wanted to raise it up to allow for hanging clothes space after we added built in shelves.  We talked about ripping out the wood support, but then would have to contend with patching the walls.  Ryan had the great idea to just “beef” up the framing.  He added a 2x10 and then a 2x4 and attached decorative trim. 


It gives it a cabinetry feel and it also made a great place to display this 1916 Singer sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother.

1916 Singer Sewing Machine Laundry Room

the space below the rod was empty.  We kept a laundry hamper here.


Based on this inspiration,, we built this.

Laundry Basket Shelves

Ryan says it’s working great!

We also replaced the countertop, sink and faucet and tiled the backsplash.  We tiled the floor, did wall repair and added bead board to each side of the room and added molding to the top of the cabinets.

Laundry Room Counter

The tile was a great find. Costco for $5.55 a square foot.  It has travertine, glass and emperador dark marble.  The SAME marble that we used as an accent in the kitchen backsplash and to tile the fireplace in the Hearth Room: the areas that adjoin the Laundry! 

And the countertop?  $40 at Sutherlands! It was the last piece they had.  We use the galvanized bucket on the counter to keep our dust rags in.

Laundry Room

We are super pleased with the end result. 


  1. Excellent redo! I love all the details... it has got to make doing laundry so much better!
    dee dee

  2. What a great transformation! Epecially nice for you I'm sure was getting rid of the 'sharpied' Block Buster and Bank of America graffiti... what?! :) Anyway, love your choices for the counter tops, sink, faucett and especially that backsplash. I think the travertine, glass and emperador marble tile is spectacular. The moulding along the cabs made a huge difference. (I'd keep your Ryan if I were you.) :) I also think the vintage Singer sewing machine is really great and even more special because it has been in your family. Superb job, thanks for sharing!


  3. It looks great. Gotta love those bargains at the big box stores. It pays to shop early and often.

  4. This looks so awesome, I blogged about it on my blog!

  5. Wow! What an amazing room. I would love to have a window and a sink in mine!