Growing Herbs in a Strawberry Pot

I like using fresh herbs and have found growing the perennial sort pretty painless.  I’ve had luck with Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Catmint and Chives in the garden.  Easy-to-grow, I’ve just stuck these in the dirt and kept them watered.  I’ve found regular Mint to be entirely too invasive, so will grow it in a pot.
For the Annual Herbs, I’ve had good luck using a Strawberry Pot on the deck.  It takes up very little space and gives you tons of fresh herbs.  But in the heat of the summer, I have some trouble keeping everyone evenly watered.  Solution?  PVC Pipe.

Start with a Strawberry Pot.

Empty strawberry pot

Cut a piece of PVC Pipe a couple inches taller than your pot and drill some holes in it.  Also, with PVC glue, attach an end cap.  (I didn’t do this the first year, and the water would just run out of the bottom of the pot.)

PVC pipe for herb pot

Stick the pipe in the middle of the pot and start filling with dirt.  (If you like, you can use rocks or broken pieces of a pot for drainage at the bottom).  Fill with dirt up to the first level of holes in your strawberry pot.

PVC Pipe in herb pot

Place your herbs in the first layer of holes and then keep going.  If you like, you can add slow release fertilizer and/or water crystals as you go. I also plant the identification tags that come with the herbs next to them in the pot.  This helps me see what’s what.  This part also gets messy; it can help to do this over an old bedsheet or towel to contain the soil.

Planting the herbsHerb Pot

When you water, just pour into the PVC pipe until it’s full. 

Here is the finished pot two months into the summer. Kept right outside the kitchen door, I have easy access to fresh herbs all summer long.

Growing Herbs


  1. This is such a clever idea and your herbs look like they are really thriving.

  2. Considering how expensive fresh herbs are, it's the best thing you can do. I even bring some of my potted herbs in for the winter.

  3. This is such a good idea, I am going to try it next year. I think it would be a great addition to any garden pot to make watering more efficient!

    Also thanks for commenting on my blog recently...I revealed a basement makeover!

    Just became a follower of your blog and look forward to reading your next creative adventures.

  4. Well,This is such a great idea and your herbs look like they are really thriving. It is best way to keep in home entrance.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've tried this kind of pot a couple of times & was always disappointed with the results. I think this idea would make a big difference.
    :) CAS

  6. I do this also with all my containers during the winter and the summer. You can also put a large decorative glass or 2 or 3 liter bottle with a piece of pvc attached to the end and fill it with water and stick in it the soil and it will water as it needs it. Same concept as the aqua globe. Just make sure to cut it long enough to support the size of bottle when filled with water and cut the end going into the soil at an angle. As the soil dries out the water will leak into the soil keeping it just right.