Front Door Redo on a Budget


Our front door:  not the most impressive. 

It’s a standard metal door, which the builder dressed up with wood trim.  (Don’t you like how this Arrow points at the rusty spots on the lantern? 0 We discussed replacing the door with something new, but kept hearing about problems with hanging a new door in the old door’s place, and the cost to rip it all out and replace the unit was not in the budget. Plus, this door works great!  I absolutely hate replacing anything that isn’t broken. 

So, we decided to give the existing door a makeover.

 Front Door Exterior Before

First, Ryan used a razor to cut through the paint between the trim and the door.


Next, he pried the trim off of the door.  It had been nailed and glued on, but came off quite easily.


He then patched all the holes with Bondo body filler.


And then sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded.


The end result was pretty cool – all those layers.


This is how it looked from the street after he finished sanding it.


Next, he took leftover beadboard from our Laundry Room makeover and cut to size.

Front Door During 04

Then glued that directly to the door.  Initially, we were going to center this piece, but luckily realized that the bottom of a door will typically have greater width between any decorative elements than the top of the door. The piece is centered horizontally, but has much more space on the bottom than the top.

Front Door During 05

He then added decorative trim around the beadboard, caulked, primed and painted.


Front Door Exterior Before (2)



Now wait until you see what he did to the inside!!!!

And yes, I also painted the rusty lantern.  Door swag from Cameron’s in Downtown Lee’s Summit.


  1. This turned out AMAZING! Great job, you two!!
    Can't wait to see it next week!