Front Door Redo on a Budget–The Inside

Our front door: functional, yet plain.  While working on the exterior, we also dressed up the interior.

Front Door Interior Before

Following the same steps as outside, this is what the interior looked like after he added the trim.  A definite improvement, but, we also wanted to make the door more substantial by connecting the door with the window above, to make it feel like one HUGE piece.

Front Door dress up

Using a variety of boards and trim from Lowe’s, Ryan “beefed” up the door and connected the door with the window above.  I love how this turned out.

Front Door Trim Beef Up

Since we were having the exterior of the house painted, we decided to go ahead and paint the interior of the door, too. We chose to go with this color to tie it all together.  We really wanted it to look like one big massive piece.

Amazing Like-New Front Door

I think it turned out great!   And we finally painted the railings!  More on that to come.


  1. Wow! What an amazing difference that made! Great job!!

  2. Wow girl! What a difference both inside and out! Love the idea of beefing up the moldings between the window and door, I would have never thought of anything that clever! Great job... and welcome back to blogging!
    dee dee

  3. Fabulous! You both did a great job! Hmm, let me take a wild guess on the color. Its chocolate brown, isn’t it? It’s undoubtedly eye-catchy! Moreover, it shimmers through the light of the chandelier.

    1. Thank you!!!

      And good guess, and very close. The color is Black Fox, Sherwin Williams. We have loads of browns in the house and were trying to find something to complement but not compete. Depending on how you look at it and the time of day, it looks Chocolate Brown, or Black or even Really Dark Gray. And the paint covered GREAT!

  4. is the wood beadboard that your hubby framed before painting? It looks like a new door! Thanks again...

    1. Yes! It turned out so well that I am going to make him do it on the metal door between the house and the garage, too.