Family Room Foyer

At the bottom of the stairs in the basement is a transitional space. Similar, in a way, to an entryway or foyer at the front of the house.  Forever we had Tanner’s computer desk here and it was always a wreck, thus, your first impression when you got to the basement was UHG!
But now, since Ryan finished the Kid’s Den and all the crap is contained behind a door that can be closed, we decided to focus on making this area more welcoming.  We moved the wine cabinet over, got two new chairs from Pier One, a table and lamp from Cameron’s and then some art on the walls and here you have it.
When you are coming down the stairs, now you see this. (It appears we have drank all the wine in the wine cabinet.)
Across from the cabinet you see this.
And we found these cool mirrors at Old Time Pottery. They were on sale for $7.99 each.
It’s got a retro feel to it that we both really like, and it’s nice to have a punch of color in our Perpetual Sea of Brown.


  1. I love those mirrors - what a statement. Great style girl!

  2. What a great new space! The chairs, mirrors, artwork all add a great splash of style!
    Dee Dee