Alas, poor Ryan has to work

It’s supposed to get to 91 degrees today.  I think the paper said the record was 80-something in the 1930s.  wow. 
Thus, while I should be working on my taxes today (I am so far behind this year), I will be out in the yard weeding and planting seeds and bulbs. But poor Ryan has to work, Tanner is at a campout for Boy Scouts and Harper is hanging with a friend.  nice!
Here’s what’s abloom and agrowing right now.
Hosta – We got several two years ago at Blue Ridge Nursery.  If you are in the area and even remotely like gardening, you should swing by. They have the largest selection of hostas in the KC area, and a fantastic garden. And some of the trees in that garden….just wow. It’s off Blue Ridge Boulevard in Raytown. 
My peonies are coming up!  I got these from my mom last year.  They came from my Granny’s garden in Parthenon, Arkansas.  My mom got them from my granny over 25 years ago.  To me, that’s just one of the coolest things ever.  (There’s also some variegated oregano growing in there, and I have no idea where that came from.)
Of course, the daffodils are blooming. I snatch these up when the bags of bulbs go on sale for under $1 or the spent plants are super cheap.  There have been years when I get the bulbs in the ground in February and still get a bloom from them.
The Hyacinths.  For me, second only in scent to the Lilac.
Can’t remember what these are called?  Teeny tiny bulbs with teeny tiny blue blooms…Starts with SC, maybe?  Scilla?  yep. I just googled it.  These were super cheap after season, too.
The Royal Star Magnolia in the front.  It’s really lovely.
And the other weekend we picked up this Spring Arrangement for the front door at Cameron’s.  I LOVE that place, and they have great prices!
And this lovely fella! We got a nice rain last night, and I’m hoping I can get these suckers out with the entire root intact.  That’s my favorite!
Happy Weekending!


  1. Oh what beautiful flowers! We were suposed to have nice weather today and ended up with rain! Guess who decided to mulch and plants some trees this morning????? Wayne and I were covered with mud and wet before we were done! Hoping for nice weather tomorrow (we have an open house!)
    Thanks for sharing your photos!
    Dee Dee

  2. Such pretty flowers! I wish we could grow bulbs here, but it's just too hot.

  3. Hmmmm dandelion greens. No rain on the Kansas side which means lots of cleaning, raking and hauling trash out to curb. So much more to do.