Replacing and Centering a Light

When we moved in, the main light in the Dining Room and the niche for the buffet were each centered on different parts of the room.  And it drove me crazy.  You can kind of see in this photo how the table is centered on the buffet, but the light is not centered over the table. 

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Turns out there is a bedroom immediately over this room, so we had no real access to the space in the ceiling.  But, when we replaced this light

entry way light before

with this light in the entry,

Entry Way Light Z After

I knew that when Ryan centered the Dining Room light, I wanted him to swap it out with the old Entry Way light.

This weekend, he went to work.

We moved the furniture, threw down some old sheets, took down the original Dining Room light and started measuring.  After we decided where the new light would go, Ryan cut a new hole


When that was done, he used this from Home Depot.


It slips into the new hole and tightens (like a tension rod for a shower curtain) until it “bites” into the joists for support.  The electrical box is then attached to it, pulling the wires from the old hole through the new.


We’d taken the light apart, too, for easier hanging.  That sucker was heavy!


But not nearly as heavy as the replacement light in the Entry.  Wow!

And we also used a medallion from Lowe’s so that we could hide the old hole.  Much easier and cheaper than repairing the ceiling, and I really like the look.


And here she is all put back together. And centered at last!



My mom came by and was NOT blown away by the change, but I love it!

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  1. your husband is super handy. love the new light.

  2. I would have obsessed over it too.

  3. We've got to Moms on board, why that didn't bug her bugs me.

  4. Welcome home! Great job moving and exchanging the light fixture! Wonderful improvment!
    Dee Dee

  5. I love how you photographed each step of the process. I try to do that with any improvement now and have to admit it makes the job a little longer.

    Some would say a small change but great impact.

  6. Love the change and DH did a great job. I like the medallion also. Hugs, Marty

  7. Do you have any idea how many homes have this exact problem...carpenters don't know how to allow for furniture a lot of designers some work though!!! It looks fabulous and kudos for Hubby doing it!!!

  8. What a great idea. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the installation pictures, that was very helpful.

  9. Great switch-a-roo, and a very clever way to hide that extra hole. I'm a new follower.

  10. LOVE IT! Nice work! Love the old light too (just a reminder) =)