Office Flooring

I am just loving my new home office.  I usually work 45-50 hours a week, and at least 35 of those hours are here at home. Having the office complete and not being shoved into various holes around the house has really made me realize how your environment impacts what you do.
A big question mark for us as we made decisions on this space was the flooring.  Since I work so much from home, it’s vital to have a flooring that will hold up.  At the old house, we did a berber, but after less than a year, it was showing wear, so I got one of those plastic things for under the chair.  I’d always catch the wheels of the chair on it, which I found irritating.


Tile – but I didn’t want to bump across that, either and the office is in a basement, so I was worried about the cold.  Couple that with the fact that Ryan JUST finished tiling the Family Room Bar, Bath and new hallway, he wasn’t super keen on the idea either.

Stained Concrete - as I researched it, I realized the amount of work involved in that.  And while an inexpensive option as compared to others, the cost still adds up, and there are maintenance issues, too. 

Laminate Flooring - This looked like our best option: at about $4-$6 a square foot, I could roll around on this floor to my heart’s delight. One problem, I didn’t love the look. 

Engineered Wood Flooring - Cost: $6-$11 a square foot.  Can lay right down on my basement floor and is real wood.  In fact, some of these products can be refinished up to 3 times because it’s real wood on top of the manmade product.  Downsides?  The price is going up AND now I have to be careful with my chair.

We had been checking out the products at various stores when we stopped in at Big Bob’s.
We started looking at the wood products, and then found CARPET! Specifically Carpet Squares that are used in Commercial Office Space!  Cost: .99 – 1.99 a square foot!  woo hoo! 

In addition to solids, there were plenty of other options.
And we went with this.  In person it looks like a nice wool rug.

Installation? Super easy.  We laid it all out and cut our squares before putting it down. Next, roll on some sticky adhesive – use very little – wait about 45 minutes and then stick the squares down.  The squares don’t slide around, but can be pulled up, repositioned and even replaced.  It looks great and feels better!  We will use this when we finish the kid’s room.  It would be great in a lot of places.  It took us about three hours to complete.  See more the final pics here.

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  1. Your flooring turned out wonderful! I wouldn't have guessed it to be only a dollar a square foot! Great job!
    Dee Dee

  2. I love how that looks...if you hadn't had told me, I would have thought it was far more expensive. Great choice.

  3. Nice job! Oh, and a tidy desk too. I'm jealous ;o)