Bedroom Bench Bed

When we moved to the new house, the kids each got larger rooms than the 10’ x 10’ rooms they had at the old house. And Tanner’s room has this totally cool “loft” thing in it.
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Harper’s room was great, too, but lacked that extra special something.  After some thought and discussions, Ryan built this really cool window seat/bed in Harper’s Room.  He built it in a weekend.  The width was just 2-3 inches shy of fitting a regular twin mattress, so we had Hawn Bedding make a custom mattress for us.  The custom mattress was actually CHEAPER than full price foam by the foot from JoAnn’s Fabric! Some pillows, a comfy throw, shelves and lights, and now, Harper has a great spot for sleepover guests, reading and hanging out! 


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  1. awesome! my daughters would love a bed like that!

    thanks for stopping by to check out my family room the other day!