Peeping Tom or Nosy Neighbor?

I loved Erin’s picture of “peeping” into your own kitchen, inspired by Mama Pea’s post, which I believe was inspired by someone else, too!   And, in truth, just like Mama Pea, my favorite time to walk or drive through a neighborhood – especially a neighborhood with fabulous homes – is at dusk, when you can still see the outside of the house, but can also have a peek at the rooms and decor inside.

I thought it was such a cool idea to do these “peeping” photos, but, at first, I laughed at the thought of it for our house. 

That’s our kitchen window: the arched one to the right.

But then, I was all DUH! I can get pictures of the kitchen from the OTHER side by simply standing on the deck.

Here’s Day.


And Night.  Yup! That’s Ryan cleaning up the dinner dishes.  He didn’t even WANT to know why I was taking pictures at night time through the window.


And while I was at it – I went around and snapped photos where I could reach the windows.  

This is a second story window into the Living Room – I had to lean over the deck railing to get this.


From the Front Porch. 

See the deck in the back? That’s where I was standing for the photo above.


Lower level now – looking into the Family Room.


At the front of the house again, peeking into the Dining Room. And as I was taking this picture, a friend was dropping off one of the neighbor kids at the house next door and saw me.  It was funny how I almost felt like I was doing something I shouldn’t be doing ... either way, I know she thinks I'm crazy. 


So with all that, I would really love to see your photos, too.  I’m going to try a linky tool to let folks post links to their photos, if anyone is interested. Sincerely hope it works.!


  1. that's such a fun idea. You can't walk through your house naked though. lol

  2. oh, I love "virtual peeping" LOL!

  3. Really, really enjoyed all your pictures. You went the extra mile! I felt like I was actually THERE. Hey, maybe we should do this again after we all get up our holiday decorations!??

  4. I love how open your house looks! So pretty. :)

  5. oh, Mama Pea! What a great idea!

  6. Fun idea! Hope you don't live where people can see you taking pictures from the outside in. .they are liable to haul you off for that:-)