Brrrrrr….It’s getting cold!

Each Spring we take our tropical plants out and put them on the porch or patios. But we are starting to get some overnight freezes, so time to haul them back in.
015 Not sure what we are going to do with this guy if he keeps growing! We’ve got 9 foot ceilings in the basement, and he is touching them! 014 And I’ll keep these guys in the office until I get a bookcase for this wall. 013 Winter is on her way!


  1. How great that you can keep these plants alive! I have a black thumb when it comes to plants (although I've been told over and over plants need water!)
    Dee Dee

  2. gorgeous plants! I suck at plants.

  3. Now for the real story. The first plant was from her sophomore yr in college. A friend had left her in charge and by summer’s end it was a stick with only 2 leaves.

    She brought it home for me to nurse back to health. Well 20 yrs later it got to big for me to drag in and out, so I returned it to her. In the 3 yrs she has been its caregiver, you can see it is doing well.

    Over the yrs her green thumb has really developed. One of the plants in her office spent the first 3 winters in a plastic trash bag, and each summer would get re-potted, now that is a true green thumb.


  4. HAH! I think the secret is not to OVER water! But, of course, you can't totally forget to water. I'd say water about once every 6 weeks...

  5. I remember you have 10 thousand miles of ascending staircase, yes? hence the paint or not the railing issue? Is there any place for it there, since clearly there's LOTS of head room there? Maybe? No? =)

  6. Great Idea! I think if we can get that sucker up the stairs, we will be in business. I may need to repot him next year, too. I could unpot him downstairs and repot him up!