Where's the Fire?

I'm all about the outdoor posts lately!

Last weekend we had a fire in our backyard.  In a good way.

You know the leftover Pavestones from under the deck - HERE?  When we poured the patios and sidewalk, Ryan piled them up in the backyard. Can you say "White Trash Hillbilly"?  Ryan, of course, wanted to haul them to the dump. No, really, he did.

Then, the inspiration came.  He turned this

Into this!

And all in one afternoon.

But we needed a better way to get up and down the slope - especially after it got dark and after a few beers.

So, he built this.

And last Saturday, we did this!

It was a ton of fun. We laughed, talked, sang, did skits, told stories...a really great time.

And all FREE!  Or, as Ryan likes to say, Free, except for his Chiropractic Bill.

Linked to Remodelaholics were we were just featured - HERE! Thanks!


  1. Your fire area looks just like ours! (only ours is square LOL) Looks very relaxing!

  2. Oh maaaan, I'm definitely moving in (but I'll wait until my cold's cleared up, as I'm considerate like that).

  3. How clever it looks so profesional and your garden is coming on so nice i love your new patio you to have been very busy, oh and yes i get it thanks for your lovely comment and your concern you are great have a great week.

    Hugs Pat


    And look at all those rocks!! I'm so used to our Florida sand.lol

  5. Is his services for hire? Your yard turned out fantastic! I love the steps going down the slope!
    Dee Dee

  6. Wow, that's amazing! Seeing some thing that is not there (important in landscape architecture, home decor) is NOT something I'm good at, so am very impressed when someone creates a new space. And, btw, I am not posting guesses on the quiz for a while so folks can guess on a blank slate... =)

  7. Looks great- and funny post!! I love the fire pit- we have one that we use in the backyard too and love it! Enjoy!! :)