So close, yet so far away.....

A close friend's father passed away, leaving more important matters ahead of the soon-to-be-glorious office.

AND the week has filled up FAST! This is my "to do"/"get to do" list for the rest of the week:

1. go desk shopping

2. reschedule my missed hair appointment.

Dear Marsha,
I and my roots apologize...

3. Tomorrow and Thursday - Work in the office.

I love meetings!

4. Thursday night - go to Starlight for The Producers

5. Friday night - SeeBig Head Todd and the Monsters with the BODEANS!!!!! at Grinders

6. Saturday DAY - Shop for BABY clothes for seeing the !!BABIES!! at Grand Lake over Labor Day

7. Saturday NIGHT - See Paul play in Tonganoxie

8. Sunday - Move into the new OFFICE. hope, hope and fingers crossed!

So, there you have it. Only one full week behind!

The best laid plans of mice.

Don't Panic.

1 comment:

  1. SO not fair. Not sure my roots will be addressed in time for Grand Lake...if not, just don't say anything about them.
    Busy girl! My condolences to your friend's family.