Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

I am sitting in the new office on the computer! It's still not all set up, but will be VERY soon!

First, just let me tell you...

I ran across THIS desk at Cargo Largo.

List price $1,573. Can be had all over the web for $1,099 plus shipping.

Cargo Largo price? $499

The desk is HUGE. 68 1/4" wide by 32" deep.

And I like to spread out. (Which is a nice way of saying I am a slob with poor organization skills and my crap is all over the place.)

SO! I went home to measure and although I LOVED it and LOVED the price, I was concerned that it was just a bit too big.


We kept shopping, but could find NOTHING in the right size/quality/look for the price I wanted to spend, which, unfortunately was now $499 because of the Cargo Largo desk.

We visited nine furniture shops,including Cameron's (where we did buy two pillows and an end table.)

No Luck.

Getting tired, we decided to head back to Cargo Largo for one last look.

Cargo Largo's selection changes quickly from day to day, and we were hoping they had more options for us.

The stars aligned, the angels sang and-because we were in Independence-to paraphrase our 33rd president, Harry S Truman - "the buck stopped there!" Guess what!?!?! The desk was marked down to $349. It's mine, all mine.

Ryan called Sweet Bob, and the two of them - in one manly move - got the desk out of the truck, around the back, through the door and into the office. And it fits perfectly.

And now I am waiting on a KVM extender to clear up the clutter.

That's right! Check back tomorrow for the techie details OR skip the techie stuff and wait for the pretty pictures, which will be coming very soon!


  1. I do belive you have became your Mother. :)


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