Dining Room ReDo

The Dining Room.

One of the first rooms you see when you walk in the house. Wasn't completely horrible, thus, it was one of the best looking rooms in the whole place. Here she is BEFORE. Note 1: this picture was taken when we were spending all of our spare time here so the kids were setting up games and such in the room. What you can't see are the brown stains on the curtains and the threadbare carpet around the floor vent. We think some previous owners may have had a dog that liked scratching at the vents when the air came on? Note 2: Notice the beginning of my Brown Period, circa 2008.

First, we replaced carpet and then painted the room. We were, of course, looking at browns, and my fabulous S-I-L at Modus Operandi Designs selected this one for us.
Next we got furniture from NFM.

Then we got Plantation Shutters and I made curtains.
Then we accessorized! Are we done? NO! The next thing is to replace this light with the one that was in the Entry and center it on the niche where the buffet sits. The light is currently centered on the room and just doesn't work for me. And, you know, we were able to swag the light in the Hearth Room over the Kitchen table, but do you think that would work here?

Also, we tried painting the inside of the niche a different color and it just didn't work. So I went over the same brown with a couple coats of polyurethane. I like the contrast, but still feel like this room needs something?
Lastly, check out these lovelies we got from Cameron's, and the TASSLE!


  1. You did a great job transforming your dining room... you made some really good choices. The poly in the niche adds the perfect amount of interest for the area. I have been wanting to re-do my dining room. My dining room is also open to my entry and I have a niche configured just like yours. I recently purchased a mirrored console to fit in the niche... LOVE it. :) My problem is deciding color-wise which way to go for the walls(seriously neutral and blah right now). You have inspired me to get going on this project... thank you.

  2. I really like the brown! The room looks fabulous.