Front Yard Landscaping - Rock Wall

In the front yard, there is a retaining wall to the Northeast corner. When we moved in, this area was so filled with overgrown Blue Rug Junipers and poison ivy that you could not see the rocks of the retaining wall at all.

It was late August and in desperate need of clearing out. I donned my gardening gloves, longsleeved shirt and long pants, and with water bottle in hand cleared out those junipers and poison ivy.

I pulled out enough poison ivy to fill up two of the brown paper yard waste bags! Luckily, the only rash I got were two poison ivy "bracelets" where my long sleeves and garden gloves met.

I planted the nooks and crannies of the wall with a sedum my mom had loads of at her house. Starting in 2008, after a rainy day I simply broke off pieces and stuck in the mud. It took about 2 months to fill in quite nicely, and here it is on the 3rd summer.

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