Six Degrees of Gardening

Okay! ONG offered up a Six Degrees from Favorite Sports Team to Gardening Throw Down. Never one to miss out on some friendly competition, I was in.

First, however, I struggled with my fave sports team, being the Mizzou and Razorback gal that I am, so ultimately decided on the town's favorite heartbreakers, our Kansas City Chiefs.

1. The Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to complete a $375 million stadium renovation to Arrowhead this year. $250 million is being funded by Jackson County tax payers (that's yours truly) through a sales tax.

2. 250 million cubic metre of ash spewed from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, which began erupting March 20, 2010.

This caused over 100,000 cancelled flights and delayed travelers, including Fabian Forde and his two sons. Fabian is a deputy manager at an electrical supply company outside of London.

3. The Electrical Power industry in the UK was nationalized by the Electricity Act of 1947. One of the local authority undertakings that was merged into the East Midlands Electricity Board was Burton Upon Trent: a town known for its brewing heritage.

4. Heritage Brewing is a Canadian brewer who brews seasonal ales, including one called Maple Brown Lager. (They say the beer has the aroma of maple, the smokiness of a sugar camp and the rich colour of amber maple syrup. It sounds yummy!)

5. Maple Brown Lager is made from the sap of trees found in Eastern Ontario in Lanark County.

6. Lanark County is home to Rockwall Gardens,which specializes in selling a wide variety of hardy unique perennial plants.

and BAM! I'm thinking this could be a winner. It combined current events, history, a human interest element and BEER!


  1. Damn ... you rocked that one! We MAY have a winner ... very very impressed indeed.

  2. Ok, that was just nothing short of IMPRESSIVE!

  3. By the way, the beer is what cinched it for me! haha!