Cameron’s has done it again.

They have the coolest metal flowers!  We got the vase, the flowers and the rectangular plate a few weekends ago at our favorite store. I have Negative ability to put together a florally arrangement, but these metal flowers were too cool to pass up on the opportunity to try again.  Plus, we needed to brighten up this hallway AND had a perfect spot for the arrangement that had been there.
This is what we got!


  1. How fun! they add so much to your entry!
    Dee dee

  2. Ooh very pretty! Well done, the metal flowers are cool.

    Hey Melissa, wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments about gardening and the lemon chicken. I just saw it! For some reason the comment was sitting in the box waiting to be moderated, which is weird, you've been to my blog before. Have a nice weekend.