The YUCK in my YUM

First, the YUCK!

When we remodeled the kitchen and decided to take out the cabinets ourselves, I was not prepared for the amount of icky, nasty crud we would unveil.

Now this isn't just normal dirt: it was sticky, greasy, NASTY dirt. We should have expected it...remember the kitchen cabinets?

"Don't worry about losing that Pizza Hut number, I'll just write it in PERMANENT BLACK SHARPIE MARKER on the cabinet door! Problem solved."

Remember Harper's bedroom?

Really, what were the former owners thinking?

The great thing about unveiling the crud was that we had the opportunity to get rid of it. First we shop vac'd it all up and then even mopped the sub floor. Now that it's all done, no one but us will ever know, but WE know!

And here's my YUM!


  1. This was the yuck under the stuff I couldn't clean. I spent about 60 hrs just cleaning the kitchen, before you moved in, the cabinet shelves had to be cleaned in layers. With the large amount of wood floors you have, I didn't know what I was going to do with the floor,thank goodness you and Ryan decided to have them refinished.

    Ryan also removed all the quarter-round and I either re-finised it or it was replaced. I cleaned and painted the baseboards. It looked like the people that lived there moped, didn't ever change water and then poured wax over the top of all that, thus the floor and and baseboards looked nasty.

    I love the new kitchen.

    I know people wonder why you bought the house, and why I was excited about it. Well the house was built really well, on a great lot, with lots of trees in the back and no houses behind.

    The floor plan is awsome and lots of wow factor, now that your getting rid of the UGLY.

  2. Your kitchen looks GREAT... well done and well worth the effort. :)