Kitchen Remodel

Our first big project when we got the house was the kitchen. The space is really nice; it's open to a good-sized dining and seating area, with plenty of room for our family. I didn't love the layout of the kitchen and cooked many pretend meals to determine the best triangle for every day use.

The old cabinets were...umm...well, let's say they would look FANTASTIC in a garage or workshop. But, the real kicker? Some of the previous owners (we have been told there were five in 12 years) had written inside the cabinet doors in black Sharpie marker things like "Blockbuster 525-0642" and "Pizza Hut 1-800-468-1412".


So, after multiple drafts on the graph paper, we completed the project. Here's the Before - this is when we were cleaning before we moved in:

And here's the After:

Like all things in my life, it's still not done. We did add a light above the center island (I can't take a new picture because my husband and son have the digital camera with them on a school trip to DC/NY), and I still want to make some kind of curtain for the window. Also, we added a couple of bar stools. The project took 4 months in all from demo to completion, but also included a bar/entertainment center and a redo of the fireplace. And we are so happy with it all!

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