Kitchen Remodel - The BAR

Ryan has always wanted a bar in the house. Of course he wanted a bar in the basement, but what he really coveted was a bar in the main living area. Although primarily a beer and bourbon man, I think he pictured himself making martinis for our fancy dinner guests. (People that know us are snickering at this.) We built our second house, and before we bought this fixer-upper, thought we would build our third. In the multitude of floor plans that we found or drew, Ry always wanted that bar. So, luckily for him, when we redid the kitchen, we had the perfect spot. Easy access to plumbing, the space AND an empty wall. Here's the Before (note the Empty Wall):

And the After:

It turned out really good. The sink is to the far right, and the fridge is under the TV on the right hand side. The cabinet guys made a matching front for it, and it has an ice maker in it, too! cool! The electronic components are under the TV on the left hand side. More on that later.

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