How to Defrost your Deep Freezer

This is the best way to defrost your freezer.

Instructions courtesy of my mom.

It had been several years since our deep freezer had been defrosted, and we were losing space due to the ice getting so thick on the walls.

Freezer full of food and ice

I waited for a cool day to begin the process so that my food would stay frozen.

First, I put two big pots of water on the kitchen cooktop to boil.

Boiling Water

Next, I took everything out of the freezer and put it in laundry baskets.


Then I covered it all up with a ton of blankets.  The ice cream and a snowball from last winter went into the refrigerator freezer in the kitchen.

Frozen food covered up

The water was now boiling.  I placed the pots of boiling water in the freezer and put them on top of cutting boards.

Pots on Cutting boards in freezer

I shut the lid and walked around the yard.


My mom said you should begin the next step in about 15 minutes.  My ice was so thick, my freezer needed a good 30 minutes.

After about 30 minutes, most of the ice was melting and sliding off in big chunks from the sides.  I got a bucket and began carrying the ice chunks out and dumping them in the yard.  To speed up the process, I used a measuring cup from the kitchen and poured small amounts of hot water behind the ice that was still stuck to the sides.  After hauling all the ice out, there was a small amount of water in the bottom of the freezer.  I used the shop vac to suck it out.

Clean Freezer!

Clean freezer

The entire process—from start to finish—took under an hour, and I was able to reorganize my freezer goods.

Thanks, mom.


  1. Mum's are great! However, my mum didn't offer me the advice that yours did, so one day during the summer, I sat in front of my smaller, emptied freezer with a hairdryer. And lived to tell the tale. Ta-dah!

  2. congrats on your survival! glad you are still living. mean it!