James Taylor and Starlight Magic

Eek! We saw JT on Saturday night at Starlight Theatre.  Even with the 103 degrees at 7:30 pm, the concert was FANTASTIC.  I really can’t wait for him to come back to KC! 

And at the end of the concert, we got to meet JAMES TAYLOR!

I know that’s Ryan in the picture, but guess who is taking the picture?  ME!  See! They are both looking right at ME! It was divine. 

James Taylor and Ryan

My two favorite Handymen.  Heh!


  1. I love this! Of course, when you said "J.T.", I'm thinking Justin Timberlake and I thought, "damn, he looks old there!" James Taylor of course, looks perfectly awesome for his age!
    Glad you guys had fun! Great photo!

  2. Congratulations on meeting the man himself. Even more congrats sticking through the heat. I'm sticking close the dark, dank, blogging basement. Oye.

  3. That is very cool, lady!