Cheap and Easy spruce up for Floor Registers.


When we redid the Laundry Room, the air register in the floor was scuffed up and rusty.  A new 4’x10’ one is about $8 and in oil-rubbed bronze, about $16.   Instead of buying new, we re-used.

We pulled it up, cleaned it really well and spray painted with Rustoleum Universal Metallic oil-rubbed bronze spray paint we already had. The whole project took about 15 minutes.



Easy-peasy and, my favorite, FREE.  It looks great in the new Laundry Room


  1. Wonderful! The little details do matter in a house. Sometimes in re-doing old houses we have odd sized registers (nasty and rusty ones) that are impossible to replace so we whip out the spray paint, too.

    1. I didn't think about it for odd sizes, too! That's great!

  2. Easy and wonderful!
    Always amazing what a little spray paint can do!
    dee dee

  3. I've been looking for something to do with the vents that go into my AC closet. I've painted them before but they rust quickly. Looks like this might work well. Thanks for the tip!!

  4. I just replaced ugly vinyl flooring with solid bamboo. The old floor registers are white and rusty. I think I'll try cleaning and painting them before spending $$ on new ones.
    Thanks for sharing your tip.

  5. When I tore up my carpet for wood floors I made new vents out of some oak scraps I had on a router table. After staining them the same as the floor you can't tell they wasn't made by the same company.

  6. I was agree with that spray paint is a good option for old floor registers. Just pulled it out, clean up and color it. When we finish its looking like the new one.