Late at Night While You’re Sleeping…

We have tons of Poison Ivy in our yard.  I’ve done a lot of work to keep it out of the proper landscaping, but in the untamed parts of the yard, I can’t keep it under control.  When we moved in, even the professional landscaping done to the front of the house was full of the beast.

Poison Ivy identification

I have a fantastic reference book, Missouri Wildflowers by Edgar Denison.  Regarding poison ivy, Mr. Denison writes “…either a vine with aerial roots, climbing high into trees, or a shrub to 10 feet (3 m) high.”  Boy Howdy!   When putting in our new composter, we discovered some of those aerial roots and the leaves high above.  Ryan cut through them with a hacksaw and a few days later we discovered how high above that poison ivy could grow.

Check it out.  I’ve red circled the dead poison ivy in the tree.  It’s over 40 feet high!

Towering Poison Ivy, climbing poison ivy, vining poison ivy

Mr. Denison also writes that the fruits of the Poison Ivy, “white sticky berries (botanically drupes)”, are "relished by many birds.”  The birds are going to have to do without in our yard.


  1. i'm not really allergic to the PIV (poison ivy) but my husband is bad. He has to go get shots.