Good Morning, Morning Kitchen

Hello, Sunshine!

This weekend we FINALLY finished the Master Bath Remodel, which began in 2009.
We ripped out and rebuilt just about everything, but one project we just couldn’t seem to finish: the Morning Kitchen.


We started seeing Morning Kitchens, sometimes called Morning Bars, in Model Homes around our area about 3-4 years ago and immediately loved the idea.  A small space in the Master Suite dedicated to a cup of coffee, some wine or champagne—and all without having to leave your own room.  Like being at a hotel on vacation.

And, as our kids become teenagers, the idea of being able to shut and lock the doors to the Master and hide from them becomes more and more appealing.

Our Master bathroom has two sinks, separated by a bench on one wall.  Opposite those sinks is a linen closet, then the shower, and then a Vanity.  The Vanity is right next to the tub.  The PERFECT place for a Morning Kitchen.

We really liked the idea of reusing the existing cabinetry—being both eco and cost friendly. And it worked out great that the original space, which was designed for a small chair or stool, was very close to the size of a small refrigerator. 

First, we removed the icky, stained, formerly white, wood countertop, and replaced it with Baltic Brown granite.  It complements the Crema Marfil Marble countertops for the sinks, and I knew I didn’t want marble on a countertop where I might spill wine or coffee.

We pulled down the big mirror and replaced the light fixture.

Next, Ryan removed the drawer above the stool/chair opening to give it enough height for a refrigerator. 
We added some trim, painted the whole thing Black, ran an electrical outlet and there you have it.  Good morning, Morning Kitchen.

I think we’ll keep coffee, a bottle of wine, bottled water and, of course, a bottle of champagne there. (we don’t really drink champagne, but won’t it appear to be sexy-sexy by the tub? hah!)  I’m interested to see how much we will really use it.  But, we would never have used the vanity as it was.  AND, it would be easy to convert back to a vanity, if anyone in the future preferred it that way.  Plus, it’s just cool!

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER photos.  I had completely forgotten how bad it was.

Morning Kitchen Before
Morning Kitchen After1

I may be hiding out in here tonight…or for the rest of my life.  If I never comment on your blog or post again, well, you know where I will be.


  1. I have to fill you in on my reaction to this post.

    1. Oooh.
    2. Ahhh.
    3. Uhhh.
    4. *forehead resting on desktop*
    5. Wonder if they'd mind a squatter in their house?
    6. *quiet sobbing*

  2. hehe, I love the part of "don't really like champagne" but it WILL look sexy in the fridge LOL - great job on the project!

  3. Wonderful job on your morning kitchen! It is hard to believe that this is the same room. Your finishes are beautiful!
    Dee Dee

  4. Very, very cool and much prettier than what most hotels offer. Happy hiding!