Today we had these visitors at the bird feeder.


It was warm enough for Ryan to do this outside.


While this group created a frenzy inside.


I work with one of the best groups of people anyone will ever know in their lifetime.  These ladies took an afternoon off to make meals for one of our coworkers as she starts her first round of chemo in her fight against peritoneal cancer.

They left the kitchen spotless, made 25+ meals for our dear friend Vicky and her husband John and even recycled!


  1. This has to be one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time. Not only are you providing well needed dinners, but getting the opportunity to hang together in while making them! I'll have to keep this in mind for future needs.
    God bless,,, dee dee

  2. How lucky Vicky and her husband are to know people who care enough to do something like that for them.

    Erm... was just wondering about your second photo. The one in which it looks like there's a semi-collapsed tent buried under the snow...

  3. What a great gift to give. I know your friend and her husband will be going through some very tough times in the months ahead but this will be at least one thing they don't have to worry about. Bravo ladies.

    And now I know where to find Kitchen Cleaning Fairies whenever I do my Southern Saturdays or Dim Sum Sundays. EXXXXXXCELENT!

  4. How wondeful to come together to help out a friend and her family.

  5. It did work out great for Vicky. She had her first successful chemo yesterday.

    Bub - It's where we make the kids sleep when they get on my nerves. Or it's the top of a fountain cover.

  6. Melissa, you and your coworkers/friends are very special people. I'm sure Vicky and her family appreciate the care, love and support.


    P.S. Although we have geese around here, the critters that are around the bird feeders in our backyard happen to be the arch enemies of my Dobermans... squirrels. :)

  7. What a great bunch of ladies! I know when my mom was in the hospital with cancer when I was little, it was difficult for my father to look after us, spending so much time at the hospital. I'm sure Vicky and family will really appreciate this! You are good people!