I’m a Big Fat Cheater

It’s true.  If given the chance, I cheat.

I cheat at cards. I also cheat at crossword puzzles and Sudoku.  I even skip to the back of the book if there is an especially suspenseful part to find out what happens; but, in my defense, I still read the entire book.

And, for the second time in my life I cheated where it really matters. 

The first time I did it the kids were little.

I dressed them up in Chiefs gear and tried to get some good pictures around the Christmas tree.


Not my best work.

BUT, I had this cute picture of the kids from late summer where they both looked great, but not at all


So, I cropped Harper’s pink and yellow flowery wallpaper out of the background and replaced it with a picture I had taken of the Christmas tree.


That was in 2003.

In 2010, I had the need to cheat again.

We were able to go to Jamaica over Spring Break, and the kids really wanted to use some photos from then.  In case you haven’t already caught on, it’s probably time to admit I am not the best picture taker in the world.  If you would like a blurry, poorly composed, unflattering photograph of yourself, I’m your gal. Thus, and sadly, the photos either made the kids look great and the background look crappy or vice versa.

I took this photo of the kids by the elevators.  And for ME, this is a GREAT picture!

Beaches Boscobel Ocho Rios Jamaica Mar2010 106

And this photo from our balcony

Beaches Boscobel Ocho Rios Jamaica Mar2010 038

Cut the kids out,

Cropped Kids

And combined the two in about 20 minutes.


Perhaps not Fake ID-worthy, but not a soul guessed.

Next year, I think I’m REALLY going to cheat.  Who knows where we might wind up?


  1. Well Mellisa i am like you with photos ... total crap very hit and miss ,but if you have the know how to make it better go for it girl. Great photos by the way.Dave was more depressed after with thinking nothing is going rigt and when will he feel better, but he is feeling better now thanks.

    Hugs Pat

  2. I love it!!

    I can take pictures of every kind of veggie and flower, but taking pictures of people...not so much. lol

  3. If we're totally honest with ourselves, we all cheat at things in our lives... I just wish I could cheat when it comes to the lottery. Sigh.

    When you cheat next year, you need to include someone famous - "Hey guys, LOOK who we met!!"

  4. It's a slippery slope you've started down, no turning back now.