Merry Mantel


Got the Mantel in the Living Room decked out.

Here’s the WAY before

Living Room Fireplace

And the WAY after


And the room all lit up at night


On the mantel hangs an ornament from my parents’ very first Christmas tree.  It was hard to get a good picture because that thing is extremely reflective. But I think it’s so cool. And I’m not that great with simple Arithmetic, but I think that would be 1962?


Small Christmas ornaments are good things to hand down to your kids.  Much better than large items! 

Thanks, Mom!


  1. Your room is so pretty, just perfect for Christmas! I love the way you displayed your memory ornament! I also have many that were handed down from my mom and grandma... I treasure them! I love that you have four comfy chairs in this room! i can imagine hours of great coversation here!
    Dee Dee

  2. Math is good, that first ornament hung on a white flocked tree, boy was the tree messy.
    Love the little santa bell ringer on your FP.

  3. There are only so many ways to say, "I. want. your. house." I'm starting to bore myself, let alone you. Waaaaaaaaaah!!

    Okay, now I've finished my foot stamping, your Living Room looks awesome. Muchly envious.

    Iwantyourhouse (oops, it slipped out, sorry).

  4. Dee Dee - Yes, those ornaments are very special. I wish I had some from my grandparents, too. And, honestly, we use the four chairs A LOT!

    M - How did you ever deal with that flocked tree? You must have been vacuuming like a fiend. But, I bet you were the hippest folks on the block! Were you in Northeast then? On Monroe?

    Bub - Ahhh! Keep saying the same thing over and over! I certainly don't get tired of hearing it! Especially after all the work we've put into it. And I REALLy like my house, too!